September 13, 2019

New Single ‘Uneffable’

With their first ever UK tour just a few weeks away in early October, Creep Show today share a new single, “Uneffable”. The original track was made in Cornwall at Memetune studios by Stephen Mallinder, Phil Winter and Benge using ancient drum machines and modular synths (Casio DDD1 and ARP2500). However, it was finished in Iceland: “I wanted a trip to Iceland to see John’s studio full of brand-new-vintage synths”, says Benge and he actually means it! So 12 hours later, without a lagoon, fjord or waterfall in sight, he found himself sitting down at the new ARP Odyssey clone made by Korg, and a vintage Roland Juno 106 with John Grant in Reykjavík. “We spent a few days working on the track,” he adds. “John did the vocals in a monotone voice and I played with an MXR pitch shifter to put the weird robot-like intonation back into his voice.” Job done, he jetted straight back to the UK.

Stephen Mallinder sums up Uneffable’s birth as

“a track built from bits of electricity and static, shaped in Icelandic lava and Cornish granite. Sprinkled with love and irony from the honey tones of John Grant. Creep Show are a group made of impeccable taste and technology who live far clung corners of the world, seriously challenging the capabilities of sat nav, and mysteriously come together by casting spells…”



Mr Dynamite won Album of The Year(2018) Electronic Sound Magazine and is available via Bella Union.