March 16, 2018

Creep Show Share Dazzling, Unsettling ‘Mr Dynamite’ Video

“A collision of technology and the supernatural…”
Creep Show

Late last year a gaggle of musicians collected their things and hit the road.

Eventually running out of road to travel on, Creep Show stopped, unpacked their things, and began recording a new album.

Using Cornwall as their base, the band – various members of Cabaret Voltaire plus John Grant – could have been anywhere, so thoroughly did they seal themselves off from the world.

The band’s Stephen Mallinder comments: “Creep Show is Hydra… A beast with multiple heads and voices, so no one is quite sure who is saying and doing what. Everything is permitted and everything is possible.”

Fusing analogue electronics with surrealistic songwriting, Creep Show’s debut album ‘Mr Dynamite’ will be released tomorrow (March 16th) on Bella Union.

As one final preview we’re able to share the title track, and it’s squelching, stomach-churning electronics are set against whimsical, almost nonsensical, vocals.

The visuals expand on this universe, referencing everything from early surrealist cinema to classic counter cultural texts.

Stephen Mallinder calls it “a high-speed chase through a busted cathode ray tube, a bullet train ride along the rails of pop art’s underbelly…” and we’re inclined to agree.

Director Luke Pendrell is more forthright, calling the video: “A hyper collage of machinic desires. A collision of technology and the supernatural. An AI attempting to assimilate and reconcile Crowley, Anger and Kubelka. A dromological stichomancy, seeking and making configurations and invocations from the haunted detritus of an accelerated culture.”

Tune in below.

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